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Post by Jared on Fri Jul 24, 2015 10:55 am

Staff Application


1. If you are not currently a staff member, you will need to apply for Server Support, and apon receiving the Server Support Rank, you may then apply for the Moderator position.

2. Must have 3 guides on the forums to assist your fellow community.

3. Must be an active player on the forums, and the community. All staff position's will be earned. There are no favorite's here on Arcanum, every member of the team has certainly earned there spot.



Native Spoken Language:

Other Languages:

Time Zone:


Do you have skype?:

How long have you played Arcanum?:

Have you ever been banned?:

How many guides have you made for the server?:

Why should we pick YOU as a Staff?:

Any other things to mention to profit your application?:

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